Welcome to the Kanatak Night League

kanatak football fun

Welcome to Alaskan night flag football league! Our league is for adults aged 18 years and above and runs during the endless sunshine of the summer in Alaska. Here, we love the game, and it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or experienced, we intend to help you achieve your goal. This game combines both service and good play. We have seven on seven men, five-man, eight on eight contacts, eight versus eight Coed, punts, kickoffs, and field goals as well. All of our contact rules are USFTL while nirsa are our screen flag rules. These are very close to real football that you may not even realize it. Our adult flag football league schedule is as follows. On Sunday afternoon, we play our screen flag football leagues. This can also be done on Tuesday nights. Five and eight-man contact are only played on Sundays where you are liberty to choose whichever timeframe suits you.

We are one of the largest adult flag football league in the region averaging more than 160 teams each season. Our registration is offered in full throughout endless Alaska’s summer season. Also, we provide you with the following; flags, free league t-shirts, and reserved facility access.