Flag Football Links

There are countless places on the internet to find information on flag football. Many people around the world play the game and there are even matches that can be viewed online. With so many choices for content out there it can be a little overwhelming. We took the time to assemble a collection of some of our favorites.

Starting with the basics is important. http://www.kids-sports-activities.com/how-to-play-flag-football.html is a great resource for beginners. Simple explanations and easy to understand pictures make this website a great tool. The site is gauged toward children but the information is accurate and complete.

Getting your players on the same page is absolutely crucial. You can find plays here http://www.7on7flagfootballplays.net/tag/trick/, there are descriptions of each play as well as diagrams. A good playbook is a necessary tool for any championship team, keep yours close!

Lastly, if you are looking for a flag football group outside of our area you can try https://www.i9sports.com/FlagFootball. This site will allow you to search for a program near you. It is a great way for people who have recently relocated to get in touch with people who share their love of the game!