League Rules

Summary of the Rules for Flag Football

First of all, any alcoholic drink is not allowed nor is any drug substance. Any person who violates this rule will not be granted permission to the game. In addition to this rule, there are many other rules and regulations which are summarized below;

• Player eligibility and team composition

Games are played on 7-on-7 players and a minimum of 5 players to avoid a forfeit. The players get the ball to move along the field to where the goal line is. The scores will be compiled, and the team which accumulates the highest points is the winner of the game.
There is a roster for players to check-in with once you are part of the team and for all other players who were in the team. It I impossible to change to another team and you can only play for the team you registered with till the end of the game. All players are expected to put on shorts or pants with no pocket and shirts must be tucked in or on a 4-inch length below the waistline. Any accessories are not allowed like jewelery or hats and bandannas.

• The playing area and Equipment

The playing area that is the field is rectangular usually around 60 to 80 yards long and 20 to 30 yards width. There is about a 10-yard zone at the end of the area where the goal line is. Every player needs a football, and they will also need a flag belt as equipment necessary to play the game.

• Timing

Games go for two halves of which each half is played for 20 minutes. For the first half, the clock runs continuously through the entire half without a 2-minute break warning before the game ends. The clock only stops for a break during the second half. The clock runs for the first 18 minutes continuously then give a 2-minutes break warning.
Teams have two timeouts for each half, and there is extra time added except only if it’s in playoff games.

• Game Rules

1. Starting the game, to determine the team that will open the first kick off, they usually tossed a coin. The other team will be on the defending side. There are two halves and at the start of each and after every score, there is a kick off to begin play. Teams change defending ends at halftime.

2. The ballplayers can kick the ball through the field across to where the goal line is. The defender, on the other hand, can catch a pass if it hasn’t hit the ground yet. If during play a player has his flag taken down or out limits then it is considered as a down, and the ball is said to be dead. Every team is given four downs to move the ball up to ten yards or to score. A team is awarded four downs once they run the ball up to 10 yards. If the team reaches their 4th down and the ball hasn’t moved up to 10 yards, or they haven’t scored, then the ball is transferred to the next team as it this point the ball is said to be dead.

3. All players are expected to tuck in their shirts as it is unacceptable for the Flag Belt Shirts to be hanging.
4. Backward passes are allowed for a runner at any time. A teammate, on the other hand, can get hold of the pass if it hits the ground. The opponent team can make one forward pass during each play only if the passer is at the back of the scrimmage line from the point where the line is. Any other form of the pass is not allowed.